We are proud to announce the official opening of KINKA IZAKAYA and KINTON RAMEN in Gangnam, the heart of Seoul’s entertainment district, on December 1st, 2017.

Designed by Seoul-based interior design firm Danaham, both dining spaces features a full view into the kitchen and large dining areas with eye-catching raw wood, textured concrete accents, and stone walls. Joining KINKA IZAKAYA and KINTON RAMEN together by the entrance is a large, lush outdoor garden bursting with fresh greenery, making the space the ideal tranquil escape from the city.

“Our objective was to achieve a space that feels polished and approachable,” says Eun Yi Lee, principal designer at Danaham. “We achieved this through the use of lasting natural materials and finishes, intricate detailing, including custom design of dozens of intricate bespoke furnishings.”

Seoul is a leading city for hospitality and we are very excited about KINKA IZAKAYA and KINTON RAMEN being in Gangnam, which is considered the trendiest city in all of Seoul.