KINKA IZAKAYA BLOOR’s 7-Year Anniversary Party

KINKA IZAKAYA BLOOR will be celebrating their 7th birthday from Mar 18-20th and we want you to join in on the fun! We can’t THANK YOU enough for your continued support, which is why we are using “3” and “9” – or “SAN” & “KYU” in Japanese – to show our appreciation! Never say no to $3.9 food & beer, guys!

On March 20th only, there will be live DJ and a “Spin to Win” contest where we will be giving away $390 worth of KINKA FAMILY Gift Cards!

1st Prize: $200 KINKA FAMILY Gift Card x 1

2nd Prize: $95 KINKA FAMILY Gift Card x 2

3rd Prize: Mini sake barrel with sake glasses x 3

4th Prize: Samurai bomb set x 3